We creative folks are not known for traveling in straight lines, coloring within them, and we often wind up crossing them! That’s the path I have taken to get here today, guided by my natural curiosity and fueled by my passion to serve. 

Professionally, what was an intentional focus on the arts, led to a BFA with a major in metalsmithing and jewelry from MECA&D. That became the launching pad for my entrepreneurial spirit to soar into the creative trades from publishing, to studio photography, and operating a custom frame shop and art gallery. 

Between all these businesses, I built gardens from scratch, grew food for my family and friends, and made medicine. The plants have always spoken to me, though it wasn’t until 2021 when major global shifts and circumstances aligned such that their voices were loud enough for me to hear; I made the pivot. I studied herbalism online and from books, as we were all asked not to gather in person. Once we could gather again, I learned from Matthew Wood and Margi Flint. Seasonally, I observed, tasted, cultivated, and created with the plants, learning their powers and gifts. I experienced the deep evolutionary connection we have with the plant and fungal kingdoms that illuminated my understanding that everything is connected.

Even so, I felt like there was something missing. After witnessing my partner’s brother survive an “incurable” cancer diagnosis with the support of plant allies, then passing away from a second cancer diagnosis, using invasive conventional interventions, I understood the glaring limitations of western health care. I wanted to change that. As it turns out, the plant path was just the first step of my journey to discovering Functional Medicine.

It was during this exploration into this root-cause paradigm in 2022 that opened my eyes to a scientifically validated case for food as medicine. That’s where the missing piece came into focus and showed me that my seemingly wayward path was governed by a more wise source of determination. Since becoming a Functional Medicine certified health coach in 2023, I see everything is connected from chronic conditions to soil biodiversity. It is from this perspective that I coach and work with clients to discover and reclaim optimum health.

My work is not limited by constraints of convention, rather it is guided by the wisdom of the human body’s own capacity to heal and find balance. Whether you are frustrated with conventional outcomes or looking for someone to bridge the gap between conventional strategies and alternative options, I leverage proven tools, such as positive psychology and behavior change, tuning forks, principles of epigenetics, plant medicine, and others to support the individual that is you – uniquely you.

As a community builder, you might find me organizing a beach cleanup or selling plants at the annual Wild Seed Project plant sale. Or, I may be out exploring by bike, playing on Casco Bay with my partner and spirited dog Sasha, or searching for the next piece of art to add to my collection.