You hear me talk about how everything is connected and there are so many resources out there to help us connect the dots. Here you will find links to deepen your discovery of the world that connects us. Enjoy the journey and please share what you learn!

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Other Topics of Interest

  • Curious about rewilding and learning about how to restore native plant populations back onto your property? Check out Wild Seed Project.
  • Wanna know more about permaculture? Click here to meet the folks at The Resilience Hub!
  • You’re curious about bee-keeping but… Learn more about apiculture at The Honey Exchange and Pollinator Partnership.
  • Soil health is where whole health begins. I have had the privilege of working with soil scientist, Spero Latchis of Living Soil Network and he is doing very important and exciting work with his proprietary compost – learn more here.
  • You’ve been hearing about mycorrhiza but what does it do? Let Dr. Amaranthus explain here.
  • Need wood chips to build your soil? Sign up for Chip Drop!
  • You’ve likely heard that some plants are going extinct, learn about at-risk plants and what you can do to help, at United Plant Savers.

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