The plant and fungal kingdom have coevolved with humans and not a single day goes by that we are not reliant on that legacy. The healing potential of the plants is proven and profound and, because I utilize a food is medicine approach throughout my practice, oftentimes we will talk about all the delicious ways to “self-medicate” with food or, I may create a unique herbal tincture formulated just for you.

In their own words:

Exactly when I needed a boost not only to my health but to my morale, Abby to the rescue. Early in 2022 I was diagnosed with a second breast cancer and immediately I knew just how challenging it is to self-esteem when life saving chemotherapy is working. Inside it’s ridding a body of cancer, outside it takes a toll we are all too familiar with. When Abby heard this news, she put her magic powers to work to create a recipe that would help reduce swelling. It’s edible and/or topical, entirely natural. She gifted this potion to me and when I first applied it to my face I was struck at how luxurious it feels when smoothed over puffy skin. Day after day the application lifted my spirits, created endorphins, and only a few short weeks later I could clearly see a marked difference in the appearance of my face. When compared with a photo from the same stage of chemotherapy with the first cancer, it was remarkable. I have continued to use this fabulous product for over a year now, and thanks to Wild Chi I was delighted to gift my nearly same age cousins for Christmas, all of whom wanted to know what I was doing to appear less “sick.” This is it, I fully endorse this product for its curative results both to body and soul. -D. Tully